Dr. Seuss Plants

The only way we could describe these very tall, very strange looking plants was as “Dr. Seuss Plants.”

Above the clouds, the Northern California scenery was equally stunning.

The Little Aviator

I spotted this poster on the wall in an old home in Half Moon Bay and liked it.

Boys had boats, their favorite toy
Not I –
When I was just a boy.
I dreamt of wings for soaring high
And cutting wakes in yonder sky.
And where my father’s footsteps went-
I’d follow.
Into the firmament

The only reference to this poem I can find online is in this book:

The Monarchs of Santa Cruz

There’s a little park trapped on the edges of Santa Cruz. It’s the mating home of thousands of monarch butterflies from Western North America. We were there in the shoulder season, so it wasn’t flooded with butterflies, but it was still a pretty impressive sight.