Cartwheels for More London

A British school girl does cartwheels in front of the red entrance to 6 More London Place

I sat watching people run in and out of the office building at 6 More London Place for a while.  I knew that there had to be a good photo at some point.  I didn’t expect a British school girl to come by doing cartwheels.

Man carrying coffee on grey brick ground of More London Place

Brit Snacks: Soreen, Deliciously squidgy energy

Wandering around a small grocery in Britain, the bright yellow packaging and strange wording caught my eye. Where else would you see the word squidgy in print?
British Snacks: Soreen
It was a strangely delicious snack, and squidgy is an appropriate term. I’d take this on a hike, or when I need a quick calorie boost.
British Snacks: Soreen

The view from the Tate Modern

The view across the Thames from the Tate Modern is pretty nice on a beautiful summer day.

It seemed like a great occasion to try out my new Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR lens. It’s the full-frame equivalent to the lens I used faithfully everywhere on my old camera. The shot above is shot at 70mm which could be considered pretty close to normal.

The photo below is the shot of the dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral at 300mm. That’s a pretty impressive zoom.

It wasn’t until later when I was looking at my shots that I realized exactly how awesome the combination is. From even that far away, I could clearly make out people on the roof of Saint Paul’s cathedral. This is the same photo as the one above, just cropped at 100%.

Meanwhile, visitors to the museum were greeted by a giant human torso.


Shakespeare, as it was intended

We went to the Globe Theatre to see a production of Shakespeare’s Henry V which was, much to my surprise, incredibly entertaining. I was convinced that high school English class had beaten all the fun out of Shakespeare.  I still think that I might have some lingering trauma from having to recite Macbeth that I’m dealing with. Despite the best efforts of my teachers, I found that I was actually enjoying myself.  Having a cold beer definitely makes standing for three hours a bit easier.

On the way home, I had a chance encounter with royalty.


It’s been nine years since I last set foot in London. The city was looking good in preparation for the Olympics.

I really enjoyed hearing the sound of pianos being played throughout the city as part of a project called Play Me, I’m Yours.

As an aside, this is the 500th post I’ve made.  Not bad for a project that I didn’t think was going to last more than a couple of weeks.