The Ministry of Crab, Colombo

When there’s a restaurant called The Ministry of Crab, you have to give it a try. Sarah’s smirk says it all.

The wildlife of Udawalawe National Park

Elephants are the main attraction at Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka, but the entire park is full of all kinds of wildlife.

I finally caught a picture of a kingfisher. Every other time I’ve tried, I’ve captured nothing more than a rainbow coloured blur across the sky.

As we toured around in our jeep safari, our guide proved himself impressively adept at spotting otherwise hidden creatures. He managed to spot this little lizard sitting in a tree as we were driving past and shouted to the driver to reverse so we could take a closer look.

Rickshaws that amuse me: Michael Jackson Edition

Buddika Super Auto Engineers did a nice job decorating this beautiful specimen of an auto-rickshaw. They definitely captured the motto “Full Option, Full Freedome.”

I can’t quite decide if it’s MJ or David Bowie who is opposite Che Guevara. I also have no idea who is in the Sphinx decal on the bottom left.

Plantation paradise

After our missed flight, extended stay at the Mumbai airport, and an overnight flight, we finally arrived at our hotel in Sri Lanka just as the sun was rising. I finally put my head down on the pillow for a few hours of sleep when there was a knock and a familiar voice at the door. “Chad… Sarah… I know you’re in there. It’s time to get up!”

It was worth it. We had arrived in paradise, and they had delicious breakfast.