Clarke Quay

It was such a pleasure to eat fresh food without worrying about its bacteria and parasite content.  I filled my taco salad craving a couple of times in Clarke Quay.  The only word I can use to describe this area is Disneylandish.

Clarke Quay

We took a boat cruise from Clarke Quay down to the port to see the city at night. Singapore’s mascot up until 1997 was a Merlion.  This strange fish-lion creature is still throughout the city, and is a trademark of the city.  Disney couldn’t have done better himself.


A Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel

A visit to the home of the Singapore Sling was a mandatory stop as far as I was concerned.

Raffles Hotel Stained Glass Logo

I think Mom enjoyed a little taste of the colonial lifestyle in the process.

Pam, Carl, Chad drinking Singapore Slings

Pam and Chad at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Despite the overpriced drinks and clear tourist marketing, the Raffles Hotel was a spectacular piece of colonial architecture. The Brits, even an outcast like Raffles, really seemed to have it together when it came to building cities. Compared to what the Dutch left in Jakarta, Singapore has some great architecture.

In Malay and Bahasa Indonesia the letter ‘c’ is pronounced like ‘ch’ in English.  Thus…

Cad's Place

Singapore’s colourful little India

I had been looking forward to wandering Singapore’s little India since I passed through a few months ago. On my first two trips to Singapore, I did next to nothing besides work or play Ultimate. This time around, I planned on eating. What better way to start than in Little India.

Singapore little India

It was the beginning of Diwali and decorations were everywhere.Diwali vendor in Singapore

In true Asian fashion, bright colours seem to be found anywhere.

Colourful hand lifts

Admittedly, he’s not Indian and the photo wasn’t taken in Little India, but he certainly seems like a colourful character to me.

Old Singapore man

The Henslers arrive in Asia

I flew into Singapore on the eve of Idul Fitri and arrived an hour before my parents. Free internet access passed the time quickly. I managed to get to their gate just in time to see them stepping off the plane.

Dad on the jetway

It felt completely normal to be walking around an airport with my parents, which is good considering we were destined to spend a lot of time in airports. It didn’t seem at all like I hadn’t seen them in over a year. It’s amazing how easily we can slip in and out of our roles in different relationships.