The resort town of Jebel Sifah

I was looking for a place somewhere between Ras al-Jinz turtle reserve and Muscat where we could spend a few days relaxing. I stumbled across the newly built resort town of Jebel Sifah.

It was a beautiful, newly built town, around a newly dug harbour. It also had a nice little playground.


If you’ve ever seen a National Geographic special on giant sea turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs, then you can imagine how cool it would be to see in real life. For me, that made it worth a detour while in Oman.

What you can barely see in this picture is a giant turtle filling in her hole after laying her eggs.  Her head is to the left, in the shadows.

Lost in the desert in Oman

We went glamping in the desert in Oman for a night. The next morning, Carmel pointed us to our next destination.

Using better tools than the sense of direction of a toddler, we put our trust in Waze. As we followed a school bus up a dirt road following the edge of a cliff road, we thought that maybe we were being led astray, but wanted to see where it would lead us. As you can see in this panorama, the answer is nowhere, except a stunning view.

Eventually we turned around and found a main road.

Ordering a double double in Oman

In the realm of completely unexpected, I had no idea that Tim Hortons was anywhere else, let alone Oman. At first I was skeptical that this was the real deal. When I turned the corner and saw the sign, I gave it a double-check to make sure I wasn’t walking into Tom Hartons or some absurd imitation. The only way to know for sure was to order a double-double and see what would happen. Turns out, it was the real deal.