Wandering around Kowloon

My parents started off their second Asian adventure in Hong Kong. I dragged them around Kowloon for the day.

This was the closest we came to roast duck. I was hoping for some Hong Kong or Peking Duck, but there were just too many other food options.


I’m still captivated by the sheer number of people that flood onto the streets. It seems especially evident in Mong Kok, where the people and the signs compete for attention.




Despite the chaos around him, this guy still managed to sleep solidly on the street corner. I’m not sure if he was supervising the construction behind him, but that didn’t seem to get in the way of his nap.



Hong Kong (Again)

This building was absolutely incredible.  The photos don’t give a true indication of the volume of space in this lobby.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I couldn’t resist another attempt at capturing the crowds on the streets.  This time, I waited just a little to late in the evening to get it right.

Hong Kong

I tried to catch Ed in the crowd, but he kept moving.  I think it had something to do with the good looking Hong Kong women.

Ed in Hong Kong

Ed in Hong Kong

Oh how I miss public transit

Oh how I miss public transport… proper, clean, efficient, public transport that is. The MTR was fantastic.

So impressive in fact, you can even watch TV while waiting.

TV in the MTR

Waiting for the boat

We took a dinner cruise around the harbour. It was quite nice, except for the entertainment.

While we were waiting for the boat, boredom set in and we started taking photos.

Emily, Anthony, Vivienne

Vivienne, Chad

It’s only when you see the apartment complexes from a distance that you get a sense of the density of people in Hong Kong. The island is made even more dense by the steep hills and parks that haven’t yet been encroached upon. This was one massive apartment building that seemed to go on for a kilometer along the river. I’m sure the rent isn’t cheap either.

Apartment Complex

At the Ladies’ Market

Well, the Ladies’ market is goods for ladies, not ladies. Thank god for spell check – “ladie’s market” just looked so right. Anthony and Emily Browsing Anthony and I ended up ahead of the gang at one point and couldn’t figure out where the wretched smell that surrounded us was coming from. I thought it was the open sewer repair going on down the street. As it turns out, we were experiencing stinky tofu. Emily decided to get adventurous and give it a try. I thought that bamboo scaffolding was just a developing nation thing. I was wrong. Even Hong Kong skyscrapers are surrounded by bamboo scaffolding. Bamboo Scaffolding Bamboo Scaffolding Bus Reflection Anthony in the Crowd Anthony, Emily, Phil I wanted to head back to Mong Kok just to get a couple photos of the crowds of people. Mong Kok Mong Kok Mong Kok Salon Mong Kok

Escalator to nowhere

After yet more food we found a place to have a couple of drinks. They even had a selection of board games for us to play. I won a game of Up Words. That never happens.

We were along the escalators. They have a name, but 800 m of outdoor escalators makes a proper name unnecessary. As a moderate adventure, and seriously compulsive behaviour, we decided to ride them to the end. We discovered they end exactly nowhere useful.
Escalators Hong Kong

This was all followed by a tired ride on the MTR.  It was so nice to be taking public transportation.

Stanley Market

I was disappointed (again) by Stanley market.  Last time I was there, it was filled with winter clothes, which are a little absurd to own in Jakarta.  This time, I didn’t find anything.

The bus ride there was spectacular.

Vivienne, Phil

Anthony proudly displays his name written in Chinese.

Anthony & Emily arrive, we eat, again

Anthony and Emily caught up with us.  Here’s a random photo.

Anthony Chad

We ate at a great noodle place.  Across the street was a fresh juice vendor that we couldn’t resist.  It was a great refreshing desert, or so we thought.  Mid slurp, we decided that there’s always room for dumplings.  We wandered down the street and found this little dumpling joint to fill the craving.

Dumpling Fest

Signs that amuse me

I have no idea what this sign is for.  There’s also part of me that thinks I might be disappointed if I knew.

Some island I forgot the name of

We took a ferry to an outlying island to get a break from the city.   It was like being in a different world.

We hung out on the beach to read for a while.  I read the first Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe.

Hong Kong Skyline at Night

After a full day of eating, we took the ferry back to Kowloon from Hong Kong Island. The skyline at dusk is very impressive.

Hong Kong Skyline at Dusk

At the pier, we stopped to see the magic of the “Symphony of Lights.” Well… It was amusing, if nothing else.

Hong Kong Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong Symphony of Lights

The Peak and a great lunch

The only thing better than having a friend with friends to visit in a great city is having friends of that friend who want to take everyone out to lunch.  We went to Victoria Peak with Viv’s ‘uncle,’ wandered around for a bit on the hills above the city, and then took the cable car down.Victoria Peak View

Vivienne, Liz and Chad in Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak Tram

I took some photos while we were waiting for our number to be called for a table at lunch.   I think the area was Times Square.

Liz in Hong Kong

Lunch was at a fantastic Cantonese restaurant that I have long since forgotten the name of.  It was big, noisy, busy, and filled with fantastic food.  Hong Kong duck is fantastic, as was everything else we tasted.  It was yet another meal where we left stuffed, and counting the minutes until we could legitimately have another meal.

Vivienne, Liz, Chad Hong Kong Restaurant

I enjoyed the family at the table next to us who did nothing but SMS and play PSP during lunch.

Hong Kong Park

I’m not sure how we spent our first few days in Hong Kong as I didn’t take any photos until we visited Hong Kong Park.  The time was probably spent eating.  This is a man made park in the middle of Central Hong Kong.  It was actually very nice, if a little artificial.  I guess that’s to be expected in the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong.

Vivienne and Liz in Hong Kong Park

This orchid was pretty cool looking.

Orchid Hong Kong Park

 Hong Kong Park Turtles

I particularly liked the colour of this dragonfly.  I’ve never seen one like this before.

Hong Kong Park Dragonfly

Hong Kong during the day

These are the only other photos I took – both from my hotel during the day. I kept waiting for a day that wasn’t overcast and rainy to take some real photos, but it didn’t come.

I guess that’ll just be reason to go back in June.

Hong Kong Hills

Hong Kong Hills