Vitré, France

Vitré is home to a beautiful old castle, complete with a drawbridge.

I want one.

It’s also home to a fantastic bed and breakfast. The Madam et Monsieur Faucher were our hosts, and were incredibly nice.


Perros Guirec

We went for a walk through along the coast in Perros Guirec to see the famous pink granite cliffs of Brittany. The scenery was stunning, as promised.

While we were picnicking a little birdie came to visit. He left with a belly full of bread crumbs.


The Cathedral of Saint-Malo

A large tile on the floor of the cathedral reads, “Here Jacques Cartier knelt to receive the blessing of the Bishop of Saint-Malo on his departure for the discovery of Canada May 16, 1535. Honoré Mercier, Prime Minister of Quebec, souvenir of his visit in 1891.”

Like the rest of the walled city of Saint-Malo, on the northern coast of Brittany, the church is stunningly beautiful.


Oysters in Cancale, Brittany

There’s a pretty little town named Cancale on the Northern coast of France.

Their specialties are oysters and moules frites, both of them are awesome.

OK, they’re so awesome I may not have been able to contol myself.