A self portrait

We had some fun crawling around this hidden little temple.  It was far enough off the beaten track that we had it to ourselves for quite a while.  Long enough to set up a camera and get the three of us in a photo.

Signs that amuse me

This one is great.  You’ll never guess what form of payment this restaurant does not accept.

Visa restaurant

When I asked if they acceped Visa, they replied, “No, Visa is sponsor.”  Right.


Angkor Wat

A huge temple.  Very cool.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Detailed Relief

We had a pretty useless guide whose only contributions included dirty jokes and, “Look… Straight… Ya?”  As this photo confirms, they managed to make things pretty straight.

Angkor Wat Straight

Angkor Wat

Evening boat cruise on the Mekong River

We took a boat ride on the Mekong river for a few hours.  We were lucky enough to pass by the fishing villages opposite the city as the fishermen were returning home for the evening with their catches.

Fishing Village



There were also the families who stayed out on their boats for the night.  One of these boats are maybe six feet across and sleep at least three, if not more.

A typical street in Pnom Penh

We were all astounded at how dry and dusty the city was.  It turned out that the whole country was like this.  It was the dry season, but I wasn’t expecting desert like conditions.  I’m not sure how the trees manage to stay green.

Phnom Penh Street

Phnom Penh Market

It probably took me the entire week to learn how to pronounce Phnom Penh, and even now I’m still not comfortable saying it.

Tuk Tuks, in all their amusing variations are a way of life throughout Cambodia.  At one point, Liz was caught in the middle of two guys trying desperately to take us.  I don’t know if we paid that well, or if business is just that competitive.

Liz & Peter in a Tuk Tuk

One of our first stops was an indoor market.  It wasn’t the one we asked to go to, but how were we to know.  The food section was very cool looking.

Fruit Market

Food Section of Market

This photo is of my favourite part of the market.  The smells of the various foods cooking at each stall, combined with the great atmosphere made it very memorable.


Liz in the market