China Fashion: Ready for prom

I couldn’t keep up the China Fashion series without looking at what foreigners wear for a night out.


Yes, this was tailor made. It fits really well. I will definitely be wearing it to work some day.

China Fashion: fun at Lan Kwai Fong

One of my favourite places to hang out in Hong Kong (among many) is at Beirut Cafe in Lan Kwai Fong. They have the best hummus in this part of Asia, and the people watching is incredibly amusing.

The matchy-matchy is strong with this couple:


But, this couple takes was the winner of the night’s matchy-matchy showdown:



I think this couple was pretty stylish. I just liked how the shot turned out.



China Fashion: New Suit

A really common sight many Chinese tourist attractions is the man with a new suit bought especially to look stylish as he steps off the tour bus. Keeping the tags is critical for maintaining this look.


China Fashion: Jerk in a parrot shirt

This guy gets a special mention for blocking the road for half an hour because a kid on a motorcycle brushed against his car. No one could find a scrach on the car, but he still wanted money from the poor kid.

Even the grandmother was leaning out the window yelling at him to get back in and quit blocking traffic.


China fashion: Green leopard print shorts

Some say that China is on the cutting edge of fashion. My trip to Gulangyu during the National Day holiday leads me to believe that fashion is on the edge of something.

I’m starting a new series of posts with this combination of green leopard print shorts, studded belt, and studded imitation Doc Martin boots.