Best of the absurd Japanese electronics, 2017 edition

I love electronics stores and markets, especially those in Asia. Bic Photo and Yodobashi Camera are awesome for the incredible selection of everything. It’s always worth perusing to see what awesomeness Japanese manufacturers have released that isn’t available elsewhere.

As usual, the most absurd music player award goes to Sony for the “Life Space UX” lamp speaker. The speaker sounded like any other small bluetooth speaker, except with a giant LED lightbulb attached. From the photos on the Sony website, it looks like you’re supposed to carry it around on pilgrimages like a sacred flame.

The Best Approximation of a Borg award goes to Panasonic for this 45 grams of camera weirdness. I’m pretty sure I’d be compelled to add a red laser pointer. Appropriate coordinated clothing options are either black and white camouflage jacket and mohawk, or black leather, green phaser blocking shields, and a bald head.

Resistance is futile when it comes to making purchases in these consumer wonderlands. I added the Nikkor 35mm f/2 lens to my kit. I’m really loving it for street photography, and for lightening my load.

As an aside, if you were interested in knowing what Tommy Lee Jones is up to, he’s looking like a Premium Boss for Suntory.

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