Göreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia, Turkey

Since the fourth century, people have been digging churches and refuges into the cliffs in this part of Turkey.

Some of those caves are pretty impressive, like this dining hall that has a table and bench carved out of stone. The ceiling is still sooty from a thousand years of cooking fires.

Requisite tourist shot follows.

The landscape was stunningly beautiful. Wandering among the caves, I felt a bit like Indiana Jones.

The hail storm seemed to come out of nowhere. Thankfully it lasted only a few minutes.

Cappadocia is known as a hot air balloon wonderland. Each morning, hundreds pass through the beautiful landscape. We got up early and decided to walk to the top of the ridge instead.

These are called Fairy Chimneys. The technical term is a Hoodoo. I’m not sure which name is more unbelievable. The centres of many of these naturally forming stone columns were carved out for houses.

I liked this hobbit-sized door in the side of one cliff.

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