What brand would you like your jacket to be?

Since I first moved to Asia, I’ve been noticing jackets with Gore-Tex tags that look exactly like the real thing, except if you read the description on back side of the tag, they’ve misspelled Gore as “Goer-Tex.” For nearly six years I’ve been seeing the same tags and have always wondered why no one has ever bothered to fix it.


Nepal is known for it’s adequate imitations of winter clothes. This little store in Kathmandu is the source for all your brand name labelling needs. They had paper tags for Goer-Tex, as well as fabric labels to be sewn into clothes for nearly all brands including North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardware, and a few others I didn’t recognize.

One thought on “What brand would you like your jacket to be?

  1. Ha! Amazing! For novel-related reasons (as in my book, not as in “peculiar” or “offbeat”) I’ve been way too interested in Gore-Tex for years now. The spelling of it, the chemistry of, everything. “Goer-Tex” would drive me nuts!

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