Vietnamese frozen dinner

I’m used to frozen pre-packaged dinners coming in little cardboard trays and tasting like the cardboard they’re packaged in. In Vietnam, the alternative is a clay pot. I found it along side the freedom fries and meats on sticks that dominate the frozen food section An Phu Supermarket.

It was frozen, wrapped in plastic, and labelled with concise instructions to, “1) Thaw and 2) Cook.” The pot is, in fact, made of clay. It was filled with fish, lemongrass, and a broth for it all to simmer in. It weighed over a kilo and cost a shockingly low 27,000 dong ($1.50 US). It was an impulse buy that I couldn’t resist.


It took about fifteen minutes to cook on the stove top and was absolutely delicious. It’s by far the best frozen dinner I’ve ever had.


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