Wandering around Hong Kong

Wandering around Hong Kong is a great way to see the city. To be effective, a wandering can’t really be aimless wandering. The route can be varied, but a destination or a goal is essential. In our case, the goal was usually food related.


Along the way, we encountered a lot of interesting sights. These guys were playing a game keeping an oversized badminton birdie in the air in an Asian version of hacky sack. Seeing guys twice my age jumping around with that kind of grace was impressive to say the least.


It was interesting to see all the food products and wonder how little pieces of dried fish or meat can become so delicious.


There’s a reason why they built the mid-level escalators, although taking the stairs would definitely keep you in shape. There’s something about this shot that I really like.


This temple was so filled with the smoke of incense that I couldn’t get a decent shot, but you still get an iddea of the vibrant reds.




There was also some shopping to be done. Hong Kong is one of the few places where I can find clothes in my size. It’s not easy, but at least I know they exist. Here’s my mom rushing back to let us know she found a good sale.


I’m always intrigued by the things you see through second floor windows, like the salon or a guy cooking for the restaurant below.




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