A Thai Cooking Class

I’ve wanted to learn how to make some Thai dishes for a long time so I convinced everyone to sign up for a Thai cooking class. Apparently this is one of the most popular activities in Chiang Mai.

Our first stop was the market where our chef showed us all the various ingredients we’d be using and how to buy them fresh.


The entire course was made worthwhile just for having someone explain how to pick the juiciest sweetest pineapple. I could have left at that moment and been satisfied with what I learnt.

We started off with the basics – like how to wrap spring rolls.



We soon turned our attention to more advanced wok techniques – like making the biggest flame while not burning things.

This photo is very amusing to me, especially when you look at everyone individually. Joya and I are looking rather calm.

Carl looks like he’s enjoying himself; possibly a little too much.


Pam on the other hand was giving her best kamikaze scream.


We ended up with a monstrous feast which was absolutely delicious.


3 thoughts on “A Thai Cooking Class

  1. I actually had a dream about Gatineau Loblaws a little while ago. I don’t remember much, except the search for food led me there. It could have been the memories of you devouring a whole roasted chicken that sparked the dream. I bet Beijing Duck is a step up from the Loblaw’s chicken.

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