Lost in transit… me

I’m on my way to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to start my next posting. I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while with a mix of anticipation and regret, but Singapore Air decided that I’d have to wait one more day. It’s never a good sign when stepping off a plane someone is calling passengers on your connecting flight in a different direction than the rest of the crowd. It’s even worse when they lead you to a desk. I didn’t have enough time to make my connecting fight so they kindly offered to put me on the next available flight – tomorrow. I’m of the opinion that in the time I spent arguing with them I could have made the flight.

I’ve spent the past two hours getting Jak into the airport quarantine and getting myself into the transit hotel. I felt bad for Jak. All he wanted to do was get out of his cage, and I’m sure the only thing on his mind was, “must pee.” I hope the quarantine has makes a litter box available, otherwise I’m going to have one pissed off smelly cat.

Despite the inconvenience, being stuck in Changi airport in Singapore isn’t a bad experience. I don’t know of any other airport that serves free beer with a live band to celebrate Oktoberfest in June. I’ll stop writing now that the “Bavarian Dance” has started.

There’s something slightly, “WWII gone awry” about a bunch of Asians in lederhosen.

I’m also putting the fastest internet I’ve had in months to use by updating the blog and downloading a host of other stuff.

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