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Jakarta is home to a number of absurd ideas for transportation solutions, most notably: a half-built monorail; one-way streets that prevent you from getting anywhere; minimum passenger regulations at rush hour, complete with a market for extra passengers; and, the general idea that it’s possible for millions of cars and millions and millions of motorcycles can all get where they want to go efficiently.

This article, “Indonesia to deploy skating police officers to overcome traffic jams” summarizes what might be 2008’s winner for most stupid transportation plan.

JAKARTA – INDONESIA is rolling out a new weapon in its battle against gridlock: traffic police on inline skates.

The idea is that officers will be able to reach traffic jams in the capital Jakarta quicker than by car or motorbike, the Koran Tempo daily reported. Once there, they will be able to direct vehicles to get the city’s traffic flow moving again.

Traffic police in Jakarta have a reputation for laziness and often demand bribes from motorists to ignore minor or imaginary violations. The city’s 12 million residents generally hold them in low regard.

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