Gunung Bromo

We made a return trip to Gunung Bromo. Like last time, we got up ridiculously early for a 4×4 trip across the crater. The sulfur smell was incredible. We couldn’t see it at the time, but the entire crater was filled with fog.

Whatever the weather was doing, it was keeping the escaping gasses from Bromo inside the crater until eventually they spilled out over the sides.

My advice to anyone going to Bromo has been to wait at the sunrise viewing platform until well after the crowds leave. This time the fog didn’t lift, but it was certainly nice having the platform and the stairs up bromo to ourselves after everyone had headed home.

I took some shots that I’m going to try to stitch together into a panorama when I get the time. There’s also series that I might try to create a high dynamic range photo out of. I’ve seen some great shots done that way, and some that are disappointing. I’m interested in seeing how mine turn out. This will be the first time I’ve done any post processing beyond slight curve adjustments.

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