Celebrity for a day: East Jakarta Food and Drink Exhibition

We stumbled across the East Java Food and Drink Exhibition and decided to stop in. From the outside it looked like a normal fair, but from the inside it was clear this was a shameless excuse for government bureaucrats to travel. Tourism officials from each regency in East Java were there to plug their region. The only problem was that the only people attending appeared to be other officials from other regencies.

I think what they all realized the best way to prove to the people back home that they were being effective was to get a photo of a tourist in their booth. Since we were the only tourists, that meant us. We were dragged into every booth to sample some food and pose for a photo.

Admittedly, everyone was bored of waiting for the Governor to arrive and officially open the event. Estimates seemed to vary, but the best-case scenario was that he was only five hours late.

This girl was really cute. She was actually the first to approach us. She wanted to practise English and have a photo taken.

This guy wanted me to know that his region was known for their fierce warriors as depicted in the statue behind us. He also let me know that I had a really big head as I was the first person whom his hats did not fit. Of course, there were the usual comments about me being tall.

The expressions on the faces of the two kids in that photo sum up our stop.

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