Bicycle tour of Yogyakarta

Joya and I signed up for a bike tour of Yogyakarta. We toured around small villages stopping wherever we spotted someone doing something interesting.

Our guides did a fantastic job of breaking the ice for us and opening the door for us to try our hand at whatever home industry was at hand. Joya did most of the trying while I did most of the photography. In this case, she’s making Krupuk or flour puffs that have the texture of styrofoam, but since they’re deep fried are actually quite tasty.

The krupuk maker invited us into his home and introduced us to his family, including thier newborn daughter.

Along the way, we saw some beautiful scenery.

My favourite stop was meeting a couple of women who were wrapping tempe in banana leaves. Tempe is fermented soybean paste. They prepare the beans and then wrap them in individual banana leaf packets. After spending a few days in the leaves, the beans have grown enough mould to be a solid mass of white fermented nastyness that is absolutely delicious when cooked.

We spent a long time chatting with the two women who grew up together, helped each other raise their children, and wrap tempe together whenever they can. The tempe is sold for 100 to 200 rupiah per packet depending on the size, which is just over a penny or two. The woman in the photo below has been making tempe every day since she was a teenager, and raised her children on the small proceeds. She still rides her bike into town every day to deliver the tempe to steet vendors.

Joya tried out rice farming for a while.

The hunches in the backs of many of the farmers are permanent remnants of spending a life bent over planting rice.

With two crops of rice and a third alternative crop being planted per year, the work is never ending.

There was also some mud brick making during the tour.

A key part of any tour is, of course, eating. Gorengan (anything fried) is always a favourite, as were the chocolate and banana flavoured serabi served on mini banana leaf plates.

3 thoughts on “Bicycle tour of Yogyakarta

  1. Hey, how’d you get that bike tour? I am planning to go to Yogya too and that bike tour looks interesting and fu. can you email me?

  2. The bike tour was one of the best tours I’ve ever been on. There were only two of us, plus a guide, and the parts we visited were so far from being touristy. I booked it through Via Via Cafe.

  3. Hi Chad! wow i think it was nice post about “Jogja” i’ve been there for few times but ur pic makes me wanna go there again and again,never be bored in there. Best pic in this post its about 2 old women which is tempe maker,anyway i am Javanese and my grandpa also do the same job when he still alive.

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