Singapore’s ports from Sentosa

Singapore’s ports are some of the busiest in the world.  The percentage of the world’s goods that pass through must be incredible.  I wanted to go see for myself.  I’ll fully admit that this is a guy type fascination with big machines and nothing more.

We took the cable car across to Sentosa island.  The view was pretty cool.

View from Sentosa Island

I don’t think we’ve taken a photo in something like this since the last time my family traveled to Disney World.  This just confirms the validity of my description of Singapore as ‘Disneylandish.’  I think I’m going to create a Wikipedia entry for the word and credit myself.  I could also add ‘Disneylandishness’ as the noun form and ‘Disneylandy’ as the adverb, although I’m not sure how to use the later in a sentence.

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