Gunung Ciremai Photos

The scenery was pretty spectacular even from the ground.  The rain clouds that seemed to be following us during our ride in suddenly dissappeared the moment we started hiking.

Look how energetic everyone was when we were setting off.  Compare that to the photos of us reaching the top.

At one point, our progress seriously stalled because of both fatigue and the strong desire to turn around and check out the scenery.

Here’s Sarah reaching the summit.

She was followed closely by Kastan.

I forgot to take a photo looking into the crater, but here’s one along the rim.


I personally liked this approach of brining a small folding stool and sitting at the top for hours enjoying the view. 

We set up camp right on the edge of the crater.


Off in the distance, other volcanos were poking through the clouds. 

The descent was much easier, and punctuated by frequent stops for snacks.

Howie had been waiting the entire trip to crack open his pack of Double Stuff Oreos.  They were incredibly tasty.

4 thoughts on “Gunung Ciremai Photos

  1. What a lovely photos of your trek to Mt Ciremai near Cirebon (West Java). I was born near there in 1936 at a place called Dawuan in the district of Tengah Tani (see Google Map).
    My grandfather George Ferdinand van den Broek (see Google) had a mansion there on a bit of land with garden (size 10.740 square meters), but we lost it after WW2, when we had to leave the country in 1956. My grandfather took stones from the mountain and made beautiful ornaments and precious stones from the vulcano. Alas, all that is lost forever!
    Your pictures brought it all back to me after all those years!!! Thanks guys!!!

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