Boat ride adventure

A four hour tour, a four hour tour.  I don’t think Gilligan had it this bad.

We decided to take a boat from Siam Reap to Battenbam.  The first part of the journey went quite quickly across a wide lake.  We then entered a river lined with fishing villages.  Everything there floats.  We were travelling in the dry season, so the water levels were low.  In the rainy season, it looked like everything would float another 10 meters higher.

Everyone moved around by boat, including this floating store of plastic goods.

Floating Store

The houses, and even the school houses are floating.  The second floor of the school house is the gym – complete with basketball court.

Floating School House Cambodia

Floating Cambodia House

The problems started when the river continued to narrow to the point where the boat was too long to follow the curves of the water.  Things were going very slowly for a long time.  The guidebook did warn us that the trip can take a long time during the dry season.  But, it didn’t say that boat ride would stop in a farm field and continue by pickup truck.  More specifically, it did not warn us that 23 of us would be in a single pickup truck.  No exageration – 23 people.

Pickup Truck Ride 

It was a long and very dusty trip.  My butt was sore for several days.  In the end, it was a lot of fun, and we became very close (in a physical kind of way) to a lot of fellow travellers.

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