Bali with Peter & Liz

We went up into the hills of Bali for a weekend. It was a great, laid back weekend.

Of course, there were the requisite touristic visits to temples and such which necessitated the wearing of sarongs.
Peter in a sarong

Even the giant trees are wearing checkered versions. Apparently, the Balinese believe the trees have souls, and therefore deserve to be dressed modestly.

Tree in a Sarong

We wandered by the largest spider I’ve ever seen. He was big, black with yellow markings, and scary enough that I didn’t want to reach around to see what he looked like from the top.


At one of the temples, we each received our blessing from the priestess.

A random hindu statue that I liked.

At the rice terraces
Rice Workers

We took a cooking course at a Balinese restaurant. Liz is now addicted to tempeh.
Cooking Class

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