The Pyramids at Giza & the Sphynx

I’m working with Anna, the Deputy Management and Consular Affairs Officer right now. Next week the MCO returns from vacation and I’ll start working with him too. Anna’s brother is also visiting at the moment, so they’ve planned all kinds of neat activities and invited me to join them.

Last weekend we visited the pyramids at Giza (just outside of Cairo) as well as the bazaar in Old Cairo. The pyramids are really impressive. They were bigger than I expected. And the tombs are really neat, even though they’re empty. The requisite photos of me riding a camel and standing in front of the Sphynx are below. Not very creative, but I think they’re a necessity.

Chad on a camel

Chad at the Sphynx

I think this is a great shot of Anna, Costa, and our guide walking towards the great pyramid:

And finally, here’s one last shot of the Sphynx and pyramids:

OK. I couldn’t resist, just one more:

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