The Pyramid of Zozer

I am the Key Master. Have you seen the Gatekeeper?

Step Pyramid

Zozer or Djoser built the first pyramid. I’m glad this was the first stop on our trip that day, as they only got better. This was actually a really cool complex.

Here’s Anna, Costa, and me in the temple.

One thought on “The Pyramid of Zozer

  1. Chad- Your Mom just told me about your blog. It sounds as if you are hving a great time. I need a job like yours. Your house is amazing. I would love the dining room set. Any chance of sending it to me? The fest of the furniture is LOVERLY. I believe Liz should be coming soon. When you e-mail her tell her to enjoy Europe. If she goes to Rome–Please remember me in a prayer and of course Marm. I sure hope her trip is great and I know she will be in a real hurry to get to her new home. I can see it now–Candles flowers and a great meatl waiting for her–
    Will e-mail soon with questions & answer-Studio

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