Just another day in a 3’x3′ office

I haven’t sent any emails because I haven’t had a computer for the past week. Roger (the MCO) returned Sunday and reclaimed his office. I set up shop in one of the interview booths. They’ve been joking that despite being a 3′ x 3′ room, I have a window office; a window of bullet-proof glass facing a small, window-less room.

The IT guy finally managed to get one of the six laptops sitting on his desk up and running today. So now I have a computer in my executive suite. I patiently watched him screw up the network settings today, so I can’t connect to the internet at the hotel.

Work has been pretty good. This week has disappeared quickly, so obviously they’re keeping me busy. I’m running a competition to hire a new locally engaged employee for the immigration program. We’ve also had some interesting consular cases recently. I’m hoping to sit down with Roger soon and start working on property and finance.

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