Mushrooms big enough for smurfs

One of our last stops was Pacific Rim National Park just outside of Tofino. We spent our time walking up and down the beach, and enjoying the rainforest.

The few photos I took were all of mushrooms. It’s not quite three apples tall, but this is the craziest mushroom I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what the water looks like from the campground. Pretty amazing!

A picnic in Pacific Rim National Park

When you’ve been driving around BC, collecting goodness at every stop, this is what your afternoon snack looks like.

This is the view from the campground.

Hiking through the desert of the Okanagan

I had no idea that Canada had anything resembling a desert, but we found it near Oliver, BC. The back gate of the Covert Farms estate leads to a series of trails that pass through a beautiful landscape leading to the top of a cliff overlooking the valley.

Back at the bottom, a cold bottle of bubbly and a delicious charcuterie board was waiting for us at the farm!

This is why we rented campers

When the baby needs a nap, the bedroom is always available. When she’s up, the hiking trail is only a few steps away.

Lost Ledges campground, BC.

A hidden Japanese garden with the Rockies as a backdrop

On the shore of Slocan Lake in British Columbia is the Kohan Reflection Garden, a beautiful Japanese garden.

The fall colours made it even more spectacular.

The nearby Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre was closed so we didn’t get a chance to visit.

The three yellow trees

Sarah said, “Are you sure you don’t want to bring your good camera?” “Nah,” I replied, “we’re not going anywhere too interesting.” These trees proved me wrong. The iPhone shot will have to suffice.

The turquoise waters of Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a spectacular colour, surrounded by evergreen forest and glaciers. The fresh snow on the branches made quite the spectacular site.

We went for a nice hike up to Lake Agnes, followed by high tea at the Chateau. It was a quite civilized way to spend a day.

First sight of the Rockies

Driving west from Regina, the Rockies eventually started to rise over the horizon. The blue skies ahead were a good sign.


The Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller is an awesome place for children and adults alike. Especially adults like me. Come on… That’s a selfie with a triceratops!

Moonrise over Dinosaur Provincial Park

The moon was spectacular as it came up over the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The day prior to our arrival, much of the west was hit by a blizzard and abnormally cold temperatures. We received a call from the park saying, “You’re not still coming, are you?”

“Yeah, we’re a few hours away,” was our reply.

After a period of silence, the voice on the phone reminded us, “You realize it’s going to be minus seven degrees tonight.”

“I think we’ll be fine, except for the infants that we’re travelling with.”

A few minutes later, we received another call from the park with a very generous offer that let everyone stay warm at night, and pretty much gave us the park to ourselves.