Prince Edward Island National Park

There are a whole series of boardwalks leading out to the beach. It was a beautiful walk.

I couldn’t resist a panorama from the top of a sand dune.

Rusty diesel

I’m impressed that this is still pumping.  I guess not much has changed in the gas dispensing technology besides adding frustratingly slow pay at the pump interfaces.

Little discoveries near Confederation Bridge

On our drive to Prince Edward Island, we stopped at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre which is the last exit before the Confederation Bridge.

The are a couple of nice walking trails out toward an old lighthouse, and the centre itself serves as a discovery centre, tourist information centre, and a rest stop.  The food is by far the best I’ve ever had at a rest stop.  I had the tail end of the brunch buffet, and even the scrapings were delicious.

Walking back from the lighthouse along the beach, we discovered this little hermit crab who was clearly ambitious if he was planning on upgrading from his current shell to the shell we found him in.

A beautiful river in Fundy National Park

We went for a hike in Fundy National Park and ended up following this river for several kilometers.  The water was so beautiful that we couldn’t help but stop for a swim.

Cape Enrage Lighthouse

It was a calm day looking across the Bay of Fundy, but with one of the biggest tide changes in the world one could imagine how on a stormy day, the name Cape Enrage would earn it’s name.


Hopewell Rocks

I made my first real attempt at HDR, and I’m pleased with how the colours on this next photo turned out:

The Empire Sandy in the Welland Canal

I’ve seen the Empire Sandy before, but I’m not sure where or when.  She was motoring North, up the Welland Canal in Port Colborne at dusk with a whole crowd of people on board.  I thought she looked pretty impressive as she passed under the Clarence Street bridge.


I was reminiscing about sitting in high school math class, watching the big ships going up and down the canal. If the room was silent enough, you could feel the vibration of their engines mixed in with din of the air conditioning system.

I had forgotten how silent the bridges are in comparison.  The entire bridge lifts and descends in near silence.


As an aside, I recall doing fairly well in that math class.