Carmel’s first sail

Carmel loved the warmth of the sunshine, falling asleep with the gentle rocking motion of the boat, and spending time with Grandpa.

Mello’s, I miss you

I miss the way the cook managed to splatter something in my direction every time I sat at the counter. I miss the unorthodox asian twist that you put on some classic diner fare. Most of all, I miss your delicious burger.

Please be reincarnated soon. I’ll return the moment your glorious sign lights up again.

I stole this from a hockey card

Back in the spring, I found one of those boxes of ‘stuff’ that you hide as far out of sight as possible, but every time you see it, you’re reminded of that unfinished task of doing something with that stuff. I decided to seize the moment and opened it up to discover many incomplete sets of hockey card that I had collected as an 11-year old.

In the process of dumping the cards into the recycling bin, this card jumped out at me.

I kept it to put in my fifty mission cap.

Sailing Pamdemonium

It was great to be back on the water. We sailed to Port Colborne for dinner and decided to reach home with the spinnaker.

A flying B-17

The Experimental Aircraft Association restored a B-17 to beautiful flying condition. It was visiting Regina and I really wanted to visit.

The line was over an hour and a half long. We were treated to a show of a pair of CF-18s doing low-and-overs side-by-side at the Regina airport.

The 9-cylinder radial engine was beautiful.

Canoeing in Killarney Provincial Park

For many reasons, Killarney has become our favourite place to go camping.

Reason #1: Fresh water that Sarah can’t resist jumping in to

Reason #2: Frogs. (OK, this list is clearly not in order of importance)

Reason #3: Great camp sites

Reason #4: Loons! I’ve never seen a loon nest before.  We passed two during our trip. They’re little piles of mud, hidden at the edge of the water. The loon didn’t move from her eggs, which gave us the chance to get close. Their black head and necks are actually beautiful dark greens and blues that glimmer in the sun.

Reason #5: Thanks to Sandra and Murray, we had a new tent that is about half the weight of our old one. Portaging is now so much less unpleasant.

Reason #6: Deer

Reason #7: Bears, seen from a canoe and not at our campsite.

Reason #8: Cocktails on ice


The best reason of all is spending time with great friends!

Skoki Lodge, Lake Louise

Sokoki was amazing!

I stitched together two 360-degree panoramas. Click on them to see the full-size versions.

It’s not a manzier… It’s… I don’t know

This was an ad on the Montreal metro. The closest thing I can think of is a manzier, but upside down. Maybe a morset?

It claims to improve performance during exercise. The website claims that it is a “Gym waist trainners 2 hooks” and that, “The latex material will make you sweat to burn more localized fat.” I can’t wait to see what ads Google feeds me now that I’ve visited that page. has 18,993 results for “male corset.”

Only in Canada: A canoe race on ice

In the port of Quebec, with giant grain silos as a backdrop, the racers lined up at the starting line.

As they pushed out toward the Saint Lawrence River, the solid ice started to break apart. The rowers switched to a one-legged push, their spiked shoes finding traction against the clumps of ice.

Eventually they found clear water, and started rowing toward the opposite side of the river.

I couldn’t figure out why this was considered a canoe race instead of a rowing race until I saw that the coxswain in the stern was steering with a paddle instead of a rudder.

The race consisted of a couple of laps back and forth across the Saint Lawrence. The returning first seemed to be those that found a path of clear water, or a longer path of solid ice on the opposite shore.

Despite the cold, everyone was smiling as they crossed the finish line.

Quebec’s Winter Carnaval Parade

Huge points for creativity in Quebec’s Winter Carnaval Parade.

The grand finale is, of course, an appearance by bonhomme himself.

The library of my dreams

I now know why the defences around Quebec City were so strong.

It wasn’t to protect the citizens, it was to protect this, the library of my dreams. Somewhere in a fantasy land, I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to work in a study filled with books, a big desk, and comfortable chairs. Little did I know, such a place actually exists. It’s the only English library in Quebec City, housed inside the Morrin Centre. This is exactly how I envisioned my study, with the bonus of a spiral staircase and a second floor!

We were wandering through Quebec, saw a sign advertising tea in a library, and decided to join. We weren’t expecting this. We could easily have spent the remainder of our weekend here.

A pond in Kouchibouguac National Park

I spent the entire trip trying to remember how to pronounce Kouchibouguac. In talking to people throughout our trip, the conversation would always turn to where we were planning to head next.  We knew we were finishing near Moncton and wanted one last hike which would be exploring Kouchibouguac National Park. By the time we arrived, I could say our destination and people would generally recognize what I was trying to say.

I didn’t take many photos, but the reflection of the clouds in this river caught my eye.

Creatures of dusk on Panmure Island

We wanted to find a place for one last sunset on PEI, but we were on the wrong coast. I glanced at my GPS and took a guess that the bay to the north of Panure Island might give us a bit of a view.  We were not disappointed.

A sandy shoal, only knee-deep in water, extended for miles. We waded into the shallow water and were surprised by the creatures that were coming out of hiding for the evening.

Watching the crabs lock claws and battle each other provided much of the entertainment.  Watching crab versus lobster battles were even more amusing. The mechanical abilities are so mismatched that it was comical.