Cuttlefish harvest

We took an after-dinner stroll down to the water in Kochi and found fishermen unloading their boats.

They were offloading big baskets of cuttlefish. After weighing their catch, they stopped at the big boss who tallied receipts and recorded everything in his record book. Cash was occasionally disbursed.

Cuttlefish are by far my favourite marine creature. They’re just awesome. I’ve only managed to spot a couple while diving, probably because they have such amazing camouflage. They can change colours insanely fast, have muscles that change the texture of their skin to mimic the texture of whatever surface they’re on, have 180-degree vision, have ballast tanks like a submarine, and occasionally pulsate crazy colours like in this video. Oh yeah, and they have green blood because they use copper to transport oxygen instead of iron.

Given how few cuttlefish I’ve seen while diving, I was surprised by the size and volume of catch that these small boats were returning with. I have to admit, this made me a little sad.

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  1. Nice post, Chad! Fish are so neat! We watched Blue Planet 2 last night and were blown away every five minutes. Did you know dolphins and false killer whales are friends?

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