Canoeing in Killarney Provincial Park

For many reasons, Killarney has become our favourite place to go camping.

Reason #1: Fresh water that Sarah can’t resist jumping in to

Reason #2: Frogs. (OK, this list is clearly not in order of importance)

Reason #3: Great camp sites

Reason #4: Loons! I’ve never seen a loon nest before.  We passed two during our trip. They’re little piles of mud, hidden at the edge of the water. The loon didn’t move from her eggs, which gave us the chance to get close. Their black head and necks are actually beautiful dark greens and blues that glimmer in the sun.

Reason #5: Thanks to Sandra and Murray, we had a new tent that is about half the weight of our old one. Portaging is now so much less unpleasant.

Reason #6: Deer

Reason #7: Bears, seen from a canoe and not at our campsite.

Reason #8: Cocktails on ice


The best reason of all is spending time with great friends!

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