A wild blueberry farm

We were driving through Eastern Prince Edward Island when we saw scarecrows off in the distance.  To our untrained eyes, it looked like they were defending empty overgrown fields.

Curious, we decided to turn down a side road, as one does on a meandering road trip through PEI.

Imagine our delight when we discovered that the fields were full of wild blueberries. We held off gorging ourselves in the field and bought a couple of quarts when we reached the next town.

The downside was explained to us later. The reason why the fields look like wild grasslands is that it’s impossible to plant wild blueberries. Only the larger farmed blueberries will grow from seeds. Instead of sowing seeds, farmers search out an area where blueberries are already growing wild in the forest, and chop down all the trees to allow the blueberries to take over more territory. I’ll think of that next time I see “organic wild blueberries” for sale in the grocery store.

A little further down the road, we saw how the harvesting is done.

This big tractor attachment hoovers them up, filters out a lot of the leaves and twigs, and somehow magically fills flats full of berries.


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