Happy Vietnam National Day

The banners going up around the neighbourhood were my first clue that a national day was soon to come.


That night, I wandered around the corner to reunification palace to watch the show with the rest of the not invited – through the front gate. There was quite the show going on complete with signing and dancing.


I don’t think it would be an official Saigon event if Uncle Ho wasn’t watching from high. In this case, he took the form of a giant cut-out over top of the stage.


I had some fun watching the crowd. It seemed a lot of motorcycles were cruising the neighbourhood. It proved to be the opportune situation to grab some shots. Everyone was looking right through me to see what was happening at the palace. Too bad it was so dark. I would have loved to have these same shots a little faster and at a more reasonable ISO.


It seemed that the sea of motorcycles went on forever.



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