Things that live in our house – A Kitten

Liz and I are now the proud parents of a new kitten. He’s cute. Sometimes I think we’re both operating on the same level too.
New Kitten

He’s about five weeks old, and was rescued after something happened to mom. Hopefully he turns out well adjusted and healthy. Thankfully he’s already figured out the operation of the litter box.

Liz and I couldn’t resist playing with him this morning before work. Unfortunately, I smelled like smelly cat the whole day.

Chad with kitten

Liz with Kitten

One thought on “Things that live in our house – A Kitten

  1. So cute! At first glance my thought, noticing the two black patches which like the markings on a raccoon or some other like animal might be taken for eyes (very big eyes -giving the impression that any potential enemy was looking at a very big foe) was that this guy (or gal) might be called Coonie… but that’s just a first passing thought and I’m sure you’ll do better as the brainstorming of names continues…

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